WHY CHOOSE A LAMINATED EDGE? 2017-01-18T15:47:01+00:00


different edgesICM Marble & Granite can create any edge you can imagine and are willing to pay for. However, for most individuals, the most important consideration is cost. The edge you select will have more impact on your cost than any other factor. Ask us to price more than one edge for your comparison.

As a general rule you can expect that the simpler the edge the less expensive your project. An edge that can be created by automated machinery costs less than an edge that is ground and polished by craftsmen with hand tools. Additionally, machined edges are more consistent in appearance than those done by even the most experienced craftsmen.

On the following pages you will find representations of the more frequently requested edges. We have arranged the edges on the page with the least expensive shown at the top of the page and increasingly more expensive edges shown progressively down the page. The 3/4” edges are less expensive than the 1-1/2” laminated edges.

Cabinet construction frequently dictates a 1-1/2” laminated edge versus the less expensive 3/4” edges. As pictured below, your stone counter top should be supported by a plywood deck. Few cabinets are specifically constructed to allow inlaying the deck flush with the top of the cabinets (figure C & D). Subsequently, the deck must be attached on top of the cabinets (figure A & B). This necessitates hiding the plywood deck with either a laminated edge or wood trim.