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There are only a few choices relative to granite countertops where consumers have an opportunity for savings of any significance:

Compromising Workmanship and/or Good Design Principles – We are not advocating this!

  • Labor is usually the greatest contributor to costs.  Undeniably, it is the workmanship of the craftsman that elevates a project beyond merely acceptable.
  • ICM is committed to being the absolute best in our field – not the least expensive. We are however, not the most expensive either.
  • Exceptional workmanship at ICM’s reasonable price is indicative of value.
  • Compromising our own demanding expectations of ourselves for the sake of price cutting would result in diminishing our art and in compromising the value you receive.

Edge Selection – Simpler, Less and Straight is Better

  • Elaborate edges should not be selected if cost is an important consideration. Perhaps look at choosing a simple edge for the perimeter countertops and upgrading the island or bar as a compromise.
  • The 1-½” Mitered edge is ICM’s least expensive laminated edge and our signature edge. Our competitors cut miters by hand which results in inferior laminations. We designed and built (in house) our bridge saws to facilitate a crisp miter cut.
  • Large islands, multi-level islands and wrap around bar countertops increase the amount of labor.
  • Curved or irregular shaped countertops increase the labor. (Adding a curved shape to one side of an island or bar top does not substantially increase cost but a large “piano shaped” island coupled with an ornately shaped bar top does.)

Stone Selection (aka Rock Hunting)

  • Granite pricing is not indicative of quality; no stone is better than any other stone, a rock is a rock. The raw material cost is dictated by supply and demand; rare stones are more expensive.
  • ICM’s marbles and granites offer savings because we price only the actual material used in the job as opposed to pricing whole slab increments.
  • ICM’s granites have additional value because we buy them in volume. They also provide convenience because you don’t have to go rock hunting elsewhere.
  • Should you not find a granite that meets your needs within our inventory, we will provide guidance on making an informed selection from local suppliers and a map to the more reputable ones.
  • How your project lays out on the slabs contributes to the material necessary for your project.  (This is not a factor if you select from our inventory.) Beyond stating that very directionally veined stones increase the amount of material necessary to ensure vein matching at joints, there is no simple method of foretelling this because the slab sizes are unique as is your project.
  • Exceptionally large pieces (islands etc) and 3cm slabs (vs 2cm) increase the installation labor.

DIY – Demolition of existing countertops and removal of appliances and fixtures

  • Many homeowners do the demolition themselves.
  • If you are reasonably handy with a wrench, screwdriver, hammer and pry bar, AND are willing to invest your time for DIY, we can explain what needs to be done.
  • We can also provide recommendations of remodel contractors that can handle as much or as little of these tasks as you choose, at reasonable costs.